About Drees & Sommer China Desk

Together with industry experts, the China Desk team at Drees & Sommer supports Chinese clients investing outside China. Our China Desk consists of Chinese-speaking project managers and technical experts with many years of professional project experience in the technical field. We are familiar with the differences between the Chinese and European markets and understand the challenges you face when entering the European market. We use our understanding of both cultures to ensure a perfect match between your needs and the experts in Europe. We find an optimal way to overcome the challenges that you may face. 

We provide customized solutions for your project, communicate directly with you throughout the project cycle, and offer Chinese language services to ensure accurate and efficient communications. We bring extensive and diverse industry experience in a wide range of real estate sectors including Automotive, Industry, Energy, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Logistics and ICT with in-depth expertise in project management consulting, design, construction and acceptance. 


User Requirement and Site Selection

You want to build an office and production site in Europe, how can we help? 

  • Understand the size of your office and production lines and generate preliminary master plans and improvement proposals 
  • Find the right site for you across Europe and generate a long list of site options 
  • Propose the optimal master plan by combining construction timelines, project budgets, logistics solutions and staff planning 
  • Finalize specific sites from a long list of options
Integrated Design and EPCM

We help you starting your project with the best strategy to ensure that the design meets your needs effectively. 

  • Holistic design based on BIM (Building Information Modelling) which is a turnkey coordinated design for all disciplines (architecture, structure, plumbing, curtain wall, building physics, etc.) 
  • Modular design and construction (modular planning), which greatly improves design efficiency and construction speed 
  • High-quality project management to ensure control over project budget, quality and schedule 
Integrated Project and Construction Management

How do we ensure the control of cost, schedule and quality through all phases of the project? 

  • All construction management services, including architecture, mechanical and electrical, and landscape, are coordinated across all disciplines, greatly improving the quality of node management. 
  • We provide bidding consulting, site supervision, construction settlement management, construction logistics management and other services to ensure the smooth operation of the building from bidding onwards. 
  • Actively communicate and coordinate with city regulatory departments, third-party inspection agencies and construction companies on behalf of Party A to ensure smooth acceptance and transfer
Engineering Consulting

I want to renovate and optimize my building, what should I do? 

  • Building energy management - professional energy audits for buildings to develop optimal energy strategies and retrofit solutions
  • Building sustainability certification, accounting for sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions in the construction and operation of buildings, and certification under green building systems including LEED, DGNB, BREEAM, etc.  
  • Building Digitalization: digitalization and visualization of building organization and user experience, such as building user apps, indoor environmental data, shared spaces, etc. 


Automotive is one of the industrial pillars in Germany, an area where Drees & Sommer is extremely strong. We have been serving clients in the automotive industry for many years on construction projects worldwide. Our experts have core skills from the industry and understand the current state of the industry in many countries. We help clients identify potential risks promptly through cost, schedule and quality management, provide innovative solutions for the automotive industry through Lean Construction Management (LCM), and save clients’ money using TCO overall financial estimates. We strive to bring maximum convenience to our clients and help them focus on their core objective: production and expansion for the global automotive market.

Industry 4.0, competitive pressures and a growing awareness of sustainability - our experts understand the challenges and concerns facing industrial companies today, tailoring highly targeted consulting services to the size and operating model of the company. Our team combines expertise in strategic process consulting, real estate consulting, project management, facilities management and engineering to create synergies. We re-engineer our clients' business processes, provide design solutions for their real estate portfolios, establish operator models, and ensure energy-efficient and environmentally efficient operations.

Our team provides our clients with all services related to the modern logistics industry: from strategic site selection and conceptual design of intralogistics to new construction or renovation. The owners, developers, users, operators and financial service providers we work with easily achieve their goals: a decisive competitive advantage in the highly competitive logistics market in terms of quantity, quality and time. What makes us special is the combination of industry knowledge - logistics and related sectors such as retail, industry and automotive - with a holistic view and expert technical support.

We have a thorough understanding of the life sciences industry and understand our clients' specific needs. We have successfully transferred the specific requirements of this industry to the construction process: 3C-Management® - a service developed by us and our partner (gempex): integrated management of construction, commissioning and compliance for life science customers. We are currently the only company to implement this holistic concept in the construction process, taking into account the key success factors of the industry from the earliest stages. All of our solutions take into account the complex GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance process from the very beginning. For example, we believe that our customers must create a specific user requirement specification in the early planning stages and later check the design, implementation and production against this specification. The client ends up with a proprietary process that fits the requirements perfectly and operates more successfully and economically.

The energy sector is not only critical on an economic level but also plays a key role in combating climate change. Since the early days of the energy transition, we have been working on the construction and expansion of the German grid (onshore and offshore) and our clients include all transmission grid operators (50Hertz, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW). In addition to project management, we also undertake tasks in program and approval management, advise organizations in setting up projects or provide support in project communication. We provide our clients with interdisciplinary and cross-industry expertise to enable meaningful coordination of the four key directions of the energy transition - conservation, generation, transportation and storage. Innovative tools and processes such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Management concepts (LCM) are transferred to the energy industry to create added value for our clients.

We provide our clients with innovative solutions for digital operations, management and further growth. Services include comprehensive digital strategy consulting or dedicated project management for data centers. Our ICT team can also support communication and collaboration between IT, construction and real estate in construction projects to help improve our clients' competitiveness, efficiency, productivity and security.


Our team of experts bring experience both from the construction and medical industries. Our consulting and management services can cover all aspects from strategic positioning and medical concepts to planning, implementation and operation of facilities, adapting our clients' hospitals to future tasks along with improving their competitiveness. We provide our clients with holistic solutions that combine sustainability, functionality and economic efficiency, reducing costs and improving quality; optimizing operational processes for our clients, so that hospital staff can devote their time and energy to core medical care. Many successful projects have shown that Drees & Sommer puts healthcare clients at the forefront in the market.

Our professional services teams can be subdivided into multiple teams for airports, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and aerospace, focusing on their respective core processes. We work with our clients to analyze, develop and implement their new construction and renovation concepts based on respect for corporate strategies. Our services do not stop at theoretical concepts, but integrate innovation into construction and operations, giving our clients clear planning in terms of cost, schedule and quality. In doing so, we are responsive and always adapt our consulting services to the dynamic industry environment.

Real estate consulting is also our core business: we show our clients how to exploit the full potential of their properties and portfolios, we provide comprehensive consulting and pay close attention to the complete life cycle of a property. Whether in developing investment profiles or investment strategies, optimizing or converting existing buildings, acquiring and selling, developing existing projects or building new ones, we always tailor our services to our clients' needs and bring high profitability to a property portfolio thanks to our construction and real estate knowledge. Our real estate experts are active in Germany and internationally and are resourceful in all areas of the company's expertise.


For new construction and renovation of residential buildings, in addition to our project management and engineering services, we offer services in the areas of sales, financing and legal. These include target group analysis and business case coordination consulting, optimization of construction costs through systematic and modular construction, preparation of the sales phase, process management of real estate development operations (e.g. buyer and special requirements management, coordination of special properties and common property. We are also involved in the management of real estate development processes (e.g. buyer and special requirements management, coordination of acceptance of special properties and common properties), tenant coordination and renovation in management situations, etc. We not only accompany construction projects to their successful completion but also ensure customer care and coordination of tenant needs in the real estate development business.


Our team of hospitality experts combines construction expertise with hospitality expertise, with services ranging from the research of potential properties and land, location and market analysis, feasibility analysis, construction support and coordination, and operational efficiency planning and guest comfort assurance. We provide our clients with "one-stop" solutions that address their individual concerns from the construction to the operational phase. Ensuring the long-term success of our clients, especially in terms of eco-sustainability, we provide and optimize solutions for the construction and operation of energy-efficient buildings.

Our industry experts have extensive cross-disciplinary knowledge of retailers' needs and investors' goals. We can successfully integrate tenants' demands and take into account the retail customer's experience and have a comprehensive understanding of the entire logistics chain from product manufacturing to the store. The integration of holistic core skills within this industry is very important: from process consulting and investment management to store fit-out and energy-optimized building operations. In the German market, Drees & Sommer is one of the few companies with the comprehensive expertise to support all players in the retail sector in an individual manner at every stage.

Our core competence is to efficiently control time, cost and quality in large construction projects that involve multiple project management requirements. With the necessary industry knowledge, we bring a large number of successful national and international experiences across several construction projects. The digitization of planning and project management is carried out in close coordination with our clients, national railroad companies and major public transport operators. We bring our own software solutions to the projects and integrate them with our clients' IT systems when needed, meeting the challenges with innovative solutions in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Lean Construction Management (LCM).

  • Automotive
  • Industry
  • Logistics
  • Life Sciences
  • Energy
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Healthcare
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Property Companies
  • Residential Properties
  • Hospitalty
  • Retail
  • Public Sector



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