You decide! You have decided on us – and we have decided on you. Two great decisions! With us, you can play an active role in shaping your personalised career path. Use the wide range of options to continue developing your specialist and soft skills. 

Gradually take on more responsibility – for projects, initiatives or teams. You will be supported by practical experience, the Drees & Sommer Academy – and, of course, your experienced colleagues. And there are other things that add to the pleasure of working with us: Our DRESOmore benefits program, with attractive offerings in the areas health and welfare, pay and mobility. 

Intermediate talk, end of probation period talk, performance reviews and orientation talk

We want to ensure that you have a pleasant and successful start at Drees & Sommer. And that you quickly feel at home and part of the team. To achieve this, we support you from the very beginning with all the important information you need and help you develop your own Drees & Sommer network. 

Our onboarding processes helps with this: 

In addition to your manager, you have a mentor to provide support. Your mentor works in your team or specialist department and helps you with familiarisation, provides insights into organisational matters, and explains Drees & Sommer corporate culture.


But nothing is more important than personal communication.

That’s why we have the following interviews:  

  • During the intermediate talk you you and the line manager give each other feedback on the course of the onboarding process.
  • During the end of probation period talk the line manager announces the decision on passing of the probationary period and discusses long-term development.
  • During the annual performance review you and your line manager look back at the previous twelve months. You talk about past and future goals, establish new challenges, and explore development opportunities.
  • An additional orientation talk (onboarding) which is laying the foundation stone for a good and trusting management and working relationship.
  • We identify employees with special potential and systematically promote their development with the aid of ‘potential analysis’. 

Keep on Learning

No matter what role you are in or how much experience you have gathered, you can always learn something new. This is the guiding principle of our employee development policy. Each member of staff is urged to tackle the issue – whether at the relevant location, in projects, by sharing knowledge on the intranet or through inspirational work with institutions of higher education and associations.



The Drees & Sommer Academy is a key part of our personnel development and combines state-of-the-art learning methods to offer the best possible learning experience. 
You use our MyAcademy learning platform to set up your personalised learning plan comprising e-learning and in-person events covering all aspects of Drees & Sommer-specific tools, procedures, methods, specialist knowledge, and key soft skills. In keeping with the motto ‘by Dresos for Dresos’, colleagues join external lecturers in imparting a wide range of knowledge. For our international employees we have personalized offerings in English or their local language of choice. 



  • The Basic course offers basic information about the company and training in, for instance, discussion techniques or consulting skills.
  • The Professional course enables employees to broaden their knowledge of all the company’s fields of activity, and look in greater depth at the important issues in their immediate environment.
  • Special includes challenging courses that enable participants to bring complex, large-scale and difficult projects in their specialist area to a successful conclusion. For instance, they offer the opportunity for employees to obtain internationally recognized certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP®).
  • We also offer parallel training in soft skills. Additionally, there are several courses covering new market requirements. Our management development policy specifically supports those who take on management responsibilities. Prospective managers are systematically prepared for their new roles.

Work is important to you, but not everything? We feel exactly the same. That is why we have DresoMORE, a range of offers that we can expand and modify according to the wishes and goals of the people who work at Drees & Sommer. Currently our staff benefit from a variety of offers, with a focus on sports and health, colleagues, remuneration and benefits, and mobility.

  • Sports and health: people who regularly take part in sport find it easier to keep fit and healthy. That is why we have introduced a supplemental health insurance. Also we like to play badminton together. 
  • The 'employee referral program' program broadens the Drees & Sommer Group’s recruitment activities. Since our colleagues know our job requirements and corporate culture well, you know whether someone will suit us.
  • For our emplyees we have a Cafeteria with free snacks, water, tea and coffee. There they can meet and exchange ideas as well as in team meetings and workshops.  
  • Also we introduced our Employee Assistance Program for the support in all situations of life for our employees and their family. 
  • On top of market-rate remuneration, we offer attractive benefits, such as additional days of leave, welfare payments, Chinese Spring Festival Dinner and company gift, outing, profit participation options and anniversary bonus. 
Working abroad

Would you like to broaden your horizons and gain experience working abroad? The Drees & Sommer Group offers many opportunities to do this. Our roots are in Germany, but we have also maintained a presence in key international markets for many years. Think global – act local. This principle describes the approach we take. We either have our own intenational offices on site, or we accompany clients abroad for their projects.