Innovation as part of our corporate DNA

As a market and innovation leader, our innovations and new business models have been setting standards for 50 years – for our clients, ourselves, and for the construction and real estate industry.

The digital transformation taking place in the market means that our clients’ interests and needs are changing more rapidly than ever. That’s why we launched our Innovation Center. In keeping with the motto “Let’s innovate real estate”, we use it to consolidate, prioritize and develop our innovations to achieve efficient goal-oriented digitization of our current business models, and to develop completely new ones. This allows us to continue to offer our clients solutions that are ahead of their time.


From the idea to the new business model

We generate ideas for new business models both internally – via an in-house idea platform and formats such as our ideathon – and externally via the Creators ecosystem. We also engage in active trend scouting, identifying current (mega)trends, assessing their industry relevance, and assessing innovation potential.

All business models have one thing in common: the Stage-Gate process. Every innovative concept must pass through this process before we integrate it into our company or one of our projects. The process examines, evaluates and validates trends, startups, employee and client ideas, and clusters.