Exa-, zetta- and yottabytes: On average, the global volume of data doubles every two years. No matter if looking at corporate data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, smart services or social networks - ever more information is being stored digitally. Powerful infrastructure is needed to process all this data, and this results in demand for ICT experts who can advise on sound concepts for data centers and network expansion. 


Whether you are looking for support with data centers or IT infrastructure, Drees & Sommer offers innovative solutions from the initial concept to operation – solutions which take into account both increasingly stringent standards for security and energy efficiency and greater expectations with regard to profitability. Our team always addresses your specific requirements and ensures security, availability and data flow within your company and/or data center throughout the project. 


“As a result of the rapidly accelerating digital transformation of corporate processes and in the private sphere – such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, smart services and social networks – on average the global data volume will double every two years. 

This massive volume of data will be stored and processed in data centers, so we must ensure that they are secure, efficient, and sustainable in operation.” 

Richard Schmude