Hospitals are the key institutions in China’s healthcare sector and play a crucial role in providing access to health for the broad public. Compared to international standards, many hospitals in China still show some obvious gaps. This especially applies to building design, hygienic concepts, IT systems and hospital operational topics.  

In all these areas, the well-established know-how of Germany - which has one of the world’s best healthcare systems - can be utilized for vast improvements! 



With interdisciplinary teams of medics, architects and engineers, Drees & Sommer develops solutions for hospitals of all sizes. Our teams comprise German experts who can consult on a state-of-the-art level and local specialists who know the local market and speak the language. 

Our services include 

  • Consult on operational processes 
  • develop medical concepts 
  • functional and demand planning 
  • develop hygienic concepts, also before the backdrop of the COVID pandemic 
  • support clients with design, implementation and operation. 

All of these services share one common goal: achieving a final result which is innovative, sustainable, smart and up to the latest standard – all of which does not need to be expensive! 


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