Astonishingly disconcerting

A building is successful when it allows the people who use it to be happy and successful – because they like living, working, shopping, keeping fit and healthy and spending their leisure time in it. It triggers both pleasure and surprise. It impresses and is sometimes controversial – and is nonetheless an all-round success. A successful building is in the here and now – whilst also being ahead of its time. It is digital, sustainable, innovative and economical.

Do you want your existing buildings to be more successful? Or are you planning a new, successful building? We’re on your team! Offering design and functionality, nature and efficiency, tradition and the future. We regard it as a challenge to combine elements that, at first sight, appear incompatible. We bring opposites  together – and create successful buildings with you.



Sustainable: A successful building is built to provide lasting pleasure. Inspired by Cradle to Cradle, its non-hazardous materials can either be completely recycled or returned to the biological nutrient cycle. It is climate positive, drawing its energy from renewable sources or generating its own power.   

Digital: A successful building has the right digital strategy. It uses artificial intelligence and learns from its users in order to meet their needs perfectly. The building is kept at a pleasant temperature whilst reducing operating costs.   

Economic: A successful building means success for its investors and owners. Because the return is good: Its planning and construction are cost-efficient, and it is economical in operation.

Innovative: A successful building uses innovative methods – all the way from the initial idea and planning through to construction and operation. Like Building Information Modelling, for example: This holistic method allows the entire building to be created initially as a virtual model. All the building’s data can then be used in the long term.