A perfect team - German diligence and Chinese speed

Are you looking for Project Management and engineering services in China with German know-how and quality standards? Project Management in China is based on a different approach and offers different services compared to Germany. Why is that so? Simply because it is difficult to transfer European building requirements on a one-on-one basis. For this reason, over many years, we have adapted our Project Management services to Chinese practices in terms of planning, approval and decision-making. This is a key contributing factor to our customers’ success. 

We bring over 50 years’ experience of German engineering with us, adapted for the Chinese market and regulations, with a proven track record of numerous successful projects for reputed international corporates and architects. In China, we are present with our three departments - Project Management, Façade Engineering and Building Services Engineering. You can rely on us to deliver your vision to a reality.  

What we do

Drees & Sommer Project Management has been customized for China and starts supporting you during the initiation phase of your project. We work with you to develop the functional and spatial properties of your individual project. We not only define the project goals, but also determine the most appropriate type of project for you. We provide support in the form of local expertise in your search for investors, land or rental properties. Our engineers ensure optimal construction through quality controls based on European expectations. To ensure the successful completion of your project we organize and support all acceptance, handover and commissioning processes, and following completion, establish the actual cost of the project. Our services during this phase also cover documentation and quality assurance of the project.

Our experienced team of Chinese and German specialist engineers develops sustainable solutions that are tailored to local conditions such as climate and availability of material. As an independent planning partner, we handle the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical trades in the first two Chinese planning phases: Schematic Design and Design Development.

  • Project Management - An insight into the Chinese market
  • Building Services Engineering - designing sustainable building value

Management of exceptional projects - we bring your projects to a successful conclusion

Construction practice in China is often very different to that in Europe and other parts of the world. Drees & Sommer ensures the project moves in the right direction. To achieve this, we will start with professional analysis of the project situation and definition of your goals. Our motivated experts work with you to develop a clear roadmap that defines in details the next steps in the project. Because we know the potential vulnerabilities of a joint European-Chinese construction project, we can apply our intercultural expertise in the right place to quickly develop optimal solutions. We have appropriately qualified German and Chinese staff for these measures with relevant international experience. As members of our bi-national teams, they are ideal intermediaries between European principals and local project participants.

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